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Lawl, I am just realizing that every morning you post coffee pics and every morning I heart them as I'm drinking my coffee :3 It's part of my morning coffee ritual now <3

I’m so glad you like it! Posting those is definitely a key part of my wake-up routine!

Hello New Followers

Hi! I recently got a bunch of new followers! Hello and welcome!

Please feel free to shoot me a message saying hello and tell me a little bit about yourselves! I like interacting with strangers on the internet until we are best buddies, so please feel free to stop by any time!

P.S. This goes for anyone who follows me :) I love talking to all of you!


Any one else do this a lot!?

#coffee #procrastinate 

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I have a challenge for you


Pick 30 minutes today and use it so send as much anon love and support as you can.

Let’s make tumblr A happier place. :)

I love this!

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