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Yup! That’s database architecture behind me.



Ok so I would crop this but my computer is being crazy (haha you can see my homework)

ANYWAY I’m at 333 followers! That’s a cool number, so here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ve never done a promo before…


  1. Reblog this post
  2. I’ll pick 3 blogs to promo at random. I’ll screenshot and talk about what I think of your tumblr and all that jazz. 
  3. Maybe you’ll get some cool new followers?

I’m not gonna do all that “mbf me” bullshit. I don’t care. Just reblog!

because I have a new username. 

I’m gonna let this go until tomorrow and then I’ll start posting. Not many people have responded. womp womp. 

Go check out my tumblr BFF collectingkelsey! She’s a totally rockstar :)

Morning coffee! Seriously, there is no moment of happiness like that first sip!

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